Press Release - 19 november 2020

GRTgaz is launching a communication campaign to support the development of renewable gases in France

Despite their promising potential, people in our country still know very little about renewable gases. What are they? How are they produced? What role do they play in our territorial development? How can they contribute to France achieving energy self-sufficiency by 2050? What are their benefits in terms of employment and business creation? To answer these questions, GRTgaz has decided to launch a large-scale campaign to promote the development of renewable gas in France.

This campaign, entitled “We Are Renewable Gases”, with the tagline “Renewable gases: energy of all possibilities”, will be launched on 20 November on television and on social media:

“Supported by GRTgaz”, the campaign aims to create the momentum needed to support and amplify the message about the sustainable development of renewable gases in our country.

The campaign highlights five key strengths of renewable gases :
– “… they contribute to the fight against global warming”,
– “… they are products of the earth, the wind and the sun”,
– “… they are produced locally and consumed throughout France”,
– “… they generate new business and new technologies”,
– “… they are produced from our own waste”.

In the words of Thierry Trouvé, Managing Director of GRTgaz: “Renewable gases have tremendous renewable energy potential for our planet, our country, our territories and our companies. While they currently represent barely 1% of the gas consumed in France, they are developing rapidly and could cover 100% of the country’s gas consumption by 2050, while providing practical responses to the fight against global warming, the development of the circular economy, waste recovery, and support for regional development and economies. GRTgaz is using this campaign to highlight all these benefits. Our goal is the fuel the debate and promote all the right initiatives to develop renewable gases and hydrogen in France.”



This campaign plays on people’s emotions. It gets them talking about renewable gases on an individual level. “We are all renewable gases” is the film’s opening statement. This sentence alludes to the different forms of renewable gases. We want renewable gases to be seen as live actors in the ecological transition that make a positive contribution to the evolution of our world..

Media and digital agenda

  • Campaign dates: 20 November to 20 December
  • 5 TV and video spots: a 55-second version, a 30-second version, and three 20-second versions, each of which combine a couple of key arguments.
  • 14 key visuals setting out the 5 advantages of renewable gases:
  • Media plan: over 2,300 TV spots broadcast on the major French channels and continuous news outlets (TF1, France Télévisions, etc.); campaign rolled out on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube)
  • Target audiences: the general public but also opinion leaders and stakeholders in the energy transition: French and European decisionmakers, economic stakeholders, manufacturers, the agricultural world, producers, the territories, new generations.
  • Creation of a new website specifically for renewable gas Featuring: a glossary guide to understanding renewable gases technologies and a series of articles detailing the benefits of renewable gases.
  • Communication agency: campaign carried out with the support of Okó.

Press contact :
Chafia BACI
M +33 (0)6 40 48 54 40

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