We are developing technologies of the future

Publié le 25 February 2021

Lecture 3 min

Hydrothermal gasification, pyrogasification, Power-to-Gas… We are heavily involved in the development of these innovative sectors that produce renewable gases from land, wind and sun. We provide support to stakeholders in these technologies as well as to pilot and model projects that contribute to a successful energy transition.

Hydrothermal gasification

Hydrothermal gasification is a technology capable of converting residues and liquid waste into gas. Therefore, it offers the possibility of recovering a wide range of liquid biomass produced in the regions, while offering high energy efficiency. The first facilities are expected to be operational in France from 2025.



Pyrogasification is a process that converts solid waste that is rarely or inefficiently recovered, such as biomass residues, tyres and plastics, into an injectable gas by heating it at very high temperatures (between 800°C and 1,500°C) with little or no oxygen exposure. It is an effective means of achieving the targets set by the regions of reducing the waste sent to landfill by 50% and recovering 100% of recycled plastic by 2025.


Power to Gas

Power-to-Gas is a process of transforming electricity from renewable sources into hydrogen via electrolysis, then possibly into synthetic methane via methanation. It compensates for the intermittent nature of renewable electricity production and makes it possible to store surplus electricity produced in the form of gas.